Saturday, May 27, 2006

MIL finally answered the Phone last night (at like 10!) and she's not coming, way to let us know Gram. Good thing I didn't tell the kids you were coming. Grr

We're goin to a strawberry festival today (and of course DD wants to wear the dress I had put aside for church tomorrow.....)


BooMama said...

This is a totally off-topic comment, but you want to know something weird? My daddy used to work for the cooperative extension service. Oh yes he did. :-) Thanks for your comments and your encouragement on my blog - and I now have you in Bloglines so I can keep up with you, too! I'll be back... :-)

jessica said...

gotta love mil... in my world both grandmas are unreliable... I long for a mom who wants to take my kids all of the time... mine are toooooo busy having mid-life crises.