Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It snowed this morning. SNOWED! In April -- it's APRIL PEOPLE!!! NO snow because "the Duke" says so.... (he knows who he is) Did I mention it was thundering at the SAME TIME??? So really -- WTF?

Thing 2 had dance class this morning and halfway through that - it snowed AGAIN. Of course a cheer rose up from all the ballerinas - and a collective groan from the mamas. I am done with winter - really. I am going to start a petition
- it can snow form Thanksgiving until new years - then - That's it winter's over turn up the heat no less than 70 degrees please.

Ok -- rant over. Maybe. I am not feeling particularly witty today - I have very few brain cells left. Not only did I have Things 1 & 2 home today(well, T1 had preschool but that's only half day). It was a early dismissal day for our district for parent teacher conferences -- so I had Wild thing's brother. Not Wild thing, just her brother - she was at gramma's. I don't know why he could not go there too, but hey - I can use the $. But wait! There's more. Since I was not overrun enough (please keep n mind the day before we had run doc. Appointments ALL DAY with my mom)
I elected. That's right people ELECTED to have Rockhound over as well. Since he and Wild thing's brother are the same age.

Did I mention I had to take all four of them with me to water seedlings at the greenhouse nearby? The seedlings are for a project we are doing with the Master gardeners..... I have lost my mind.....

So - I think after T 1& 2 are in bed I am going out to buy a new purse. And I think I will go to a store that starts with a B and buy the Lime green one my DH hates...Tee -hee... Well maybe not.

*** Dude - I really don't have any brain cells left - how bad is it when you misspell words bad enough that spell check doesn't recognize them??? I LOVE spell check...'course I guess it's not exactly HELPING my brain cells.. But I have few enough to go around.


Mom Nancy said...

Nineteen years ago, it snowed six inches on 4 April. I know this because my mother watched all the newscasts two days before hoping they wouldn't predict it, and I woke up on my wedding day, looked out the window and saw the ground covered in snow!

Come to Baton Rouge, we had about two days this winter where the temp dropped below 32.

M-j said...

When I was little it snowed a TON on my parents' anniversary, April 24th. I was maybe 9. I think it was 1980 or something. Anywho, I am right there with you. I LOVE WINTER, but it is APRIL for crying out loud!

Chaotic Mom said...

Hahahahaha! I caught some good video of the snow.

I am so bad at spelling that for my dessert challenge I originally posted a "Desert Challenge". Had to go back and edit that post.

BTW, the prize this week is a three month subscription to Leanne Ely's Saving Dinner menus... ;)