Sunday, April 02, 2006

<<<>>> (((cough))

I have been infected with a virus for a couple days care of my friend Rachel. I haven't been able to shake it... If you want to know more you have to go to MY comments -- find Rachel and then trot over to her blog... I would give you the links.. But I CAN"T SEEM TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO A STINKIN LINK! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Apparently the directions are written in some strange language - like I donno - English for ADULTS -- since I only speak English for toddlers I am having a problem... So can anyone translate for me?? Rachel you teckie wiz???

OMW!!!! I just spell check this post!! Do you know the BLOG spell checker does not know the word BLOG???? LOL!!!!! Go ahead try it!

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