Monday, April 17, 2006

I had a whole post -- Blogger lost it in cyberspace..... GRRRRRR so this is what you get.

Chaotic mom -- no plants 8 garden books - yay!

Janjan -- well, a couple minutes is ok - considering the holiday -- just work me into you daily life ok???;-) BTW- how did you find me?

Rachel and M-J -- I have never felt like a grown up - at least now I have proof!

Eggs- collect
candy - hidden

Greenhouse - not built -
DH - passive aggressive about said greenhouse -- grrrrrr

Because of the weekend holiday my Birthday edict has been extended (kinda like tax day) so all you lurkers -- Ollie ollie oxenfree!! Come out come out wherever you are!


M-j said...

No greenhouse? Does he need pointy shoes? I'll sic Susan B on his butt!

Heather said...


Chaotic Mom said...

You have plans? I'm good at building. Need some help on the greenhouse thingy? Have tools, will travel! ;)