Thursday, April 27, 2006

I don't know what got into me -- but I cleaned the dickens out of my house!! My playroom was a disaster DI. SAS. TER. Sooooo I cleaned up all the toys re-organized them into their proper baskets, the toys in their room that belonged downstairs came down, the toys that belonged upstairs went up. I will take a picture and post it (because heaven only knows when it will be this pristine again). The kids each have their own bookshelf of toys - Boy toys on one girl toys on the other then a small bookshelf for actual books. The trains are put away (Thomas brio) and the train table is clear. Thing 2's bar is under the table (ballet bar). THEN after tackling all that Thing 1 vacuumed his room!

"Now mommy - your room is next!" OMW! They were having fun! So we tackled my room. I will NOT tell you all the crap I had in there - suffice to say it is WAYYYYYYYY better. Books are moved into the craft room (which BTW is STILL clean!) laundry is re-booted and plants are watered!

Doin the happy dance! Then I swished and swiped the bathroom! My DH almost fell over when he came home from racing (Wensday nights he races his RC car). Which he won BTW.

Also I found a great little nursery - my IRL friends email me and I will get you directions - so I bought a bunch of plants and planted them. Took cuttings of some. Planted radishes with the Things, more salad (lettuces) and corn seeds. The tree rats (squirrels) had better stay AWAY from my corn this year.

I had a very productive day.


Rachel said...

I'm so happy you got so much accomplished!!! Can't wait to see it.

Chaotic Mom said...

PLEASE tell me more about the nursery! I am in need of some good plants. ;)