Friday, April 07, 2006

I didn't get the purse. I decided to go to a close by mall -- forgetting that the Strawbriges had CLOSED to look for other ones. Macy's had nothing. ICK. So I trotted over to Tar-Jay M-J's favorite haunt. ICK. NOTHING. I am very particular about my purses. I hate to spend much on them (since I change them frequently - it's my one girly thing - since I rarely put on makeup or do up my hair). It had been a rough day, I got some books at Borders but no bag. So what id I do you ask??

I came home and picked on DH about it. "I can't find a purse, the only one I like you hate and will be embarrassed to be see with me....." YES I KNOW - SNARKY - I had had a rough day. So what did he say? "I'm sorry honey I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I won't be embarrassed - you can get the purse" HA! I know I am a terrible horrible wife.... Leave me alone. I am getting the purse after I pick up Thing 1 at school. I will post a pic. PLUS!!! I found a register roulette coupon!!! YAY!!!!!

And I went over the budget on the groceries too.... Leave me alone.... ;-)


anonymouslydisenchanted said...

I'm dying to see the purse!!!

You buy whatever one you want girlfriend. DH's have NO business telling you what kind of purse to carry. NO BUSINESS AT ALL!!!

M-j said...

What is the B-store?
Is that your version of the T-store?
And, BTW, I got my last two FABULOUS purses at the Goodwill! LOL!

Heather said...

Sweetie -- No I went to Tar-jay to. The B- store is Boscov's