Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday 13

1. Dayquil (well walmart brand)

2. Tissues with lotion

3. Pillow

4. cozy blanket

5. warm day (I SAID go outside!)

6. DH will be home tonight

7. More dayquil

8. Caffinated goodness (soda my addiction of choice)

9. Leapsters

10. Have I mentioned tissues yet? with lotion

11. Digital cable

12. the hammock I bought DH for Father's day

13. My greenhouse gardener's companion book

WHY is it every time I think I have allegies - I realize after I take the first Claritin that it's a cold?


Master Enigma said...

I usually go the other way and think "this is just a cold." and then bam four days later the allergies are killing me.

I am also a caffine addict drinking way too many diet mt. dews every day.

Got to love those tissues with lotion.

My own 13 is busy using hand santizer right now and spraying lysol everywhere over at

Mom Nancy said...

I guess this is 13 things about your day?

My list is up, too.

Chaotic Mom said...

Ooooh... We've been hit HARD by allergies here, living on Claritan. But DS3 seems so stopped up that it may have developed into another ear or sinus infection. Sigh...

Thanks for stopping by my T13! ;)

M-j said...

Nothing like being sick on a nice day like this! ACK!
Hope DH gets home early.
And, BTW mine is up.

Melli said...

Awwww geeeee... hope ya feel better soon! Enjoy the hammock!

My TT's up!