Saturday, April 29, 2006

I had a nice morning today - went yard sailing with a dear friend(I am still trying to come up with names for them - the baby shall be Little Bit I think)and her mom - we went to the local church's outgrown children sale (1/2 price day- yippee!) and then after wards I took the kids home - made lunch and played with our "new" toys.

I had decided to go to a nursery today that was having a "thing". Members of the Co-operative extension (other master gardeners) and the Bugmobile were there, also tree experts and people who are interested in the watershed area around us. It's a NICE nursery - a little pricy - but sooo nice to walk around and the staff is great. And with gas prices I don't have to drive all over the county to get what I want.

So we are coming up 352 passing of all things a cemetery. My children and I almost became residents. A white 4 door sedan crosses the median going pretty damn fast. Gets AIR people! All I can say is God took control of my steering wheel. I remember the car coming at us, Thinking "Oh My God!!!!!" and swerving like crazy. HE heard me. The car barely misses us - but it MISSED us. I pull over to the side of the road - shaking like a leaf (um - yeah just like in the song -Jesus take the wheel). The truck that was behind me pulls up ahead of me and the woman inside makes sure that I am ok. (I am getting a headache and feeling sick just typing this) I finally stop shaking enough to get the kids out of the car and walk around for a minute. I CANNOT drive at that moment - I'm too shaken head up to where the car has hit a LARGE (8 foot tall!) azalea bush. The woman behind the wheel is about my age. She's fine -shaken and upset but not hurt. There is a row of hedges from the street that she must have gone OVER because they are not damaged. There is no sign that a car went through them. Her car landed on it's tires and she is not hurt. She knew who I was - I told her (and the park police) that I was the one she almost hit. I had my children with me. The look on her face was, well she couldn't look at me. I don't blame her. Apparently she lost control of the car and it wouldn't stop.

I sat down near a beautiful red threadleaf Japanese maple with my (safe unharmed) children in my (safe unharmed- but still scared shitless) lap and said a prayer of thanksgiving (and I helped the kids say one too).

I did eventuality get where I was going. And bought myself PLANTS to feel better. Also the MG's that were there were people that I knew well and was able to talk out the last of my fear with.

I am going upstairs now to be with my safe babies. My DD wants her bath.

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