Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, It has come to my attention that I have not been blogging enough (this from the lady who forgot her blog for MONTHS!) LOL!!!!!!!!!

So here's the rundown. Tuesday is my mom's treatment day -- she has breast cancer. She has been in treatment for almost a year now - She's finished all the major drugs. She is continuing with one called Herceptin for the rest of this year. She's also started radiation - and her hair is starting to grow back (although a lot more salt then pepper this time).Rumplistilskin I take her to or meet her most weeks for her treatments. I don't go to every radiation treatment because they are to early in the morning for me to be able to get the kids up, dressed fed and to a sitter's without waking them at 6 am. SO Tuesday morning I did that.

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I went to a Praise Party at Thing 2's dance school. It was ok. The dancing was fun and cute (my poor little guy was the ONLY boy in the whole place). But the bible lesson was a little harsh. The ladies who did the lesson were evangelical ministers (? I am not sure if they were ministers or just with the ministry) and they talked ALOT about the nails in Jesus and the blood of Christ cleansing out dirty hearts from sin. THIS BOTHERED ME. Children DO NOT have dirty hearts. I know we all sin, but I am sorry -- children are pure and clean. If you disagree with me, fine - but don't bother me with it. Harsh? Maybe - The lesson they were trying to get across was not the lesson they taught. And I will be correcting the damage for a while I think. My son was concerned about it later and the look on his face when they were talking about the nails.... I thought about walking out but it was over so fast. In our family we are focusing on the positive aspects of God's love not the scary stuff (I just feel at their age things like nails in hands and floods ect will just cause nightmares) VENT done. Supercalifragilisticexpalidoius

So today use another busy day. After dropping of Thing 1 at pre-school for the Easter party there, Thing 2 and I went to pick up DH paycheck, deposit said paycheck, spend the aforementioned paycheck at the grocery store, and get my new driver's license picture taken. Arriving home with just enough time to put the ice cream in the freezer before it was time to pick up Thing 1. Back home make lunch , finish putting away groceries, then a few minutes in the back yard (the kids played - I sat in the square of cement blocks the will be my greenhouse). Zipeedeedoda Then off to pick up a Master Gardener friend to water the plants at the greenhouse (we - the Mater gardeners I mean-are growing plants at a local greenhouse for a community sale). Took her home, then off to HobbyTown USA to pick up birthday gifts for the kids to give to Daddy (luckily DH is WELL known there are the kids and myself - so all I had to do is walk in and tell them it was his B-day and they started pulling stuff that DH needs) Banana-pants. Incase you're wondering DH races RC cars and flies Rc Planes and has several of each.

Then on the way home I ramparts to GET MILK! Yay!!!! I only got home about an hour ago - and then I got harassed for not posting --sniffle-- so if you are still reading this LONNNNNNNG post I commend you..

BTW -- did you catch them all??


Chaotic Mom said...

Hey, didn't know that about your mom. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts her way. ;)

Wow, re: the "evangelical ministers". Not exactly something I'd want to teach the kiddos.

So, how does the pick look? I HATE mine, ha ha!

Rachel said...

Who harrassed you? I'll kick their butt for you! :)

M-j said...

Then kick my butt, Rachel.
I didn't harrass her, I merely mentioned it had been a few days...

Sounds like the kind of days I have.