Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OK -- I got some garden work done today -YAY!!!!!! It's spring!! Maybe the gardening will be theaputic enough to cut back on the Zoloft (though I doubt it)....anyhoo... I was tearing out some mini garden beds today and transplanting with my DD (Thing 1 was at pre-school) today I would toss her the plants and tell her to put them in the bucket. I referred to them as "plants" and very matter-of-factly she informs me "well, Mommy actually they are bulbs" AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere God is laughing at me. REALLY REALLY hard. She is a trip. This kid is so me I cannot believe it. Of course this means we clash as well but today was a good day.

Today I got to see a mommy friend's new tattoo. She took her DH and they went to Miami for their anniversary and got tattooed at Miami Ink. I. AM. SO. DAMN. JEALOUS. Although she didn't get inked by one of the guys you see on the show but she met several of them and got a picture with Yoji. Very cool. I am happy for her - really- no REALLY I am . I will be getting my own tattoo locally soon. And I can't wait.

Thing 1 and I had a really interesting conversation at dinner tonight. He has really started asking questions about God. About how God can see him, and where God lives, and can we visit Him? Wow I have to stop and thin about how to answer each question in a way that he will grasp, and examine my own beliefs so I can answer him. We should really find a church home. I want to but well, Church was not a cozy loving place to be when I was a kid. I was raised Catholic and in a church that was not so kid friendly. I am a Christian, I believe in God, and I KNOW that Jesus is the way to heaven. I know that God loves me and hears my prayers but How on earth do I find a church that beliefs what I do, and protects the kids they way they should be? I am really neurotic about the kids being left in Sunday school without people who have been properly screened. If the Catholic church has taught me anything it is that being and authority in a church means NOTHING.

Wow - that got deep fast.....

In any event, we had a busy but good day here and I am on my way to having a re=-vamped garden and my greenhouse. Now if my seeds would just flipping SPROUT!


Rachel said...

You are now infected - don't worry it's a good thing. Come on over to my blog and read all about it!

Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, Heather, I just took down my greenhouse today! Interested in a full greenhouse kit? metal poles, cover... ;)

Just found out you're blogging though Rachel's site. Yeah!


Mom Nancy said...

Hey, Heather! I just wanted to stop by and say welcome to the Blog-o-sphere!

M-j said...

I hear you about the church thing. My parish wasn't the most kid friendly. But now I am in a parish that is ALL about the kids, after experimenting with many different churches/religions.
You have to go where you feel welcomed, loved, accepted. I found it, you can, too!
Sorry if it got deep. 'Nuff said.