Friday, March 31, 2006

It MUST have been anti -procrastination day today! I buzzed over to my best friend's home(mother of "the rockhound -7- , the diva -5 going on 16-, and the dictator -almost ,gulp, 2-) this morning and "showed" her how to prune her roses -- HA! "showed" - I did it for her -- ;-)

We did a little weeding and cleaning out her garden and them packed the kids up and took them to the mall! JOY to the kids! NO really - there is a restaurant in there that has an indoor play-yard they love. Then we took them to the bookstore and we ALL got books ( I got the mostest!) Well, in my defense it is part of my big #) birthday -- YES you will have to hunt on your keyboards to figure it out!!

After that I ended up dumping Thing 1 on my friend for the afternoon (he was invited!) while Thing 2 protested at THE TOP OF HER LUNGS part of the way home - oh my word - she's gonna be an opera singer with pipes like that. I put the "no-mommy-I-don't-want-a-nap-I'm-not-tired" child down for her nap , I actually REMEMBERED to put the steaks in the marinade for dinner tonight!

I am on a roll! After putting the darlings (insert sarcasm here -Thing 1 was in a mood) to bed for the night. I went to my basement and puttered with my plants, re-potted things that needed it that I had been putting off (whoa -- now we're to the exciting part of my day huh??). I planted yet MORE seeds (because I am a glutton for punishment and am totally insane - which you will see as soon as I figure out how to take a picture of my basement).

THEN (does the fun ever stop??) I caught up on Master gardener paperwork that was due -- oh a month or more ago, I can't even say whoops, I just flat out didn't feel like it, Bad master Gardener... No compost for me...

But wait there's more!!!! I got emails I had been putting off done! GO ME!

Now -- just don't ask me about the grocery store..........

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