Friday, June 30, 2006

So I am Finally participating in CherrioButt's Peek Inside Me Weekly!

My favorite subject! How I met my Hubby.

The year is 1991 --

Z.Cavariccis are hot (I however am shopping at Kmart much to my embarrassment)

New Kids on the Block love is coming to an end

M C Hammer "you can't touch this" is coming and so are the parachute pants!

Banana clips and slouch socks (in layers) are cool

and I looked like this --

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Yeah - I got strange looks for that shirt then too! But it was my favorite one!

The girl in the picture with me is my friend Heather (yes we were The Heathers - remember that movie??)

On the first day of high school , she drags me into the building telling me I just HAVE to meet this boy with the CUTEST ears! Yes, his ears! They got all red when he would get embarrassed - she found this adorable - for me, she wasn't interested in him.
SO, she pulls me into school (apparently she had told him she had a girl for him) and calls him from down the hall.

He sees us coming, AND RUNS THE OTHER WAY!!! Oh yes he did!!! Eventually he came over to meet us....

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Adorable isn't he??

And as proof that I WAS adorable back then......

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Yes that is a BLACK AND WHITE TV (and I had to walk 6 miles to school uphill in the snow, both ways......).

We dated on and off - and had our first kiss on the soccer field outside the school... Sweet I know...

We have had our ups and downs, breakups and other "loves" but we had our very own Happily Ever After on June 6th 1998

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The End?


Anonymous said...

That's such a sweet story! i love the met in highschool love stories! I always tell my husband that I wish we would have met in high school. That would have been cool! Thanx for playing!

boomama said...

BANANA CLIPS! Yes ma'am. I'd forgotten all about them.

Sweet, sweet story - and you know what struck me as funny? The size of that cordless phone your hubby is holding. My parents had one like that, and OOOOOH I thought it was the coolest thing. Sort of like cell phones in bags - remember those?

I will now be singing "Can't Touch This" for the rest of the night.... :-)

Michelle said...

How great! I was in high school and DH was in college when we met...still together 21 years later! Cool, eh?

Heather said...

Very sweet. My hubby and I met at the end of high school, when we were both working at McDonalds and I needed a date for prom. :)

Lori said...

How sweet, I married my high-school sweetheart.

Great post.